senatorchrissmithDuring the conversation the coaches mentioned that teams in other parts of the County participated in an Allstar Game and kids from Central Broward did not have the same opportunity. Representative Smith, having grown up in Central Broward and having played for Southwest Saints and Lauderdale Lakes Vikings immediately began to organize a game for the kids in his Legislative District.

In 2003 the first Chris Smith Allstar Football Classic was held at Dillard High School on what seemed to be the coldest day of the year. Each year since 2003 the Chris Smith Allstar Football Classic has grown in size and stature. In 2006 Representative Smith, after a lot of discussions with “Cheerleader Moms” added Allstar Cheerleaders to complete the family atmosphere.








kerrickwigginsKerrick Wiggins Sr. has served as the Chairman of the Chris Smith All-Star Classic since 2006.
​His contribution of networking exceeds expectations. His ongoing willingness and determination contributes tremendously to the success of this event as a whole. He emphasizes parent participation in a positive aspect in community support, camaraderie between players and cheerleaders for team build and social skills, leadership of coaches along with the overall goal of uniting the best of the best  as an “ALL STAR”.

The Chris Smith All-Star Classic also acknowledges players and cheerleaders for their All-Star efforts off the field and in the classroom. Their effort to maintain excellent academics and partake in community optimist is a highlight of recognition for Senator Smith. We look forward to an outstanding turnout from the community and thank you all for making this event a success.