6 and Under

6 and Under All-Star Age Group

North Offense MVP #3 Xavier Mallory, Jr. (Deerfield Packer Rattlers)

North Defense MVP #0 Keshawn Pashall (Deerfield Packer Rattlers)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Tiyana Smith 

South Offense MVP #8 Troman Issac (Lauderdale Lakes Vikings)

South Defense MVP #21 Amir Sears (Lauderdale Lakes Vikings)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Kamiyah Hamliton 

8 and Under 8 and Under All-Star Age Group

North Offense MVP#1 Antonio Newry (Pompano Cowboys)

North Defense MVP#21 Ladarius Smith (Pompano Eagles)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Janiyah Parrish (Pompano Eagles)

South Offense MVP#0 Cedric Wyche (Lauderdale Lakes Vikings)

South Defense MVP#2 Michael Warren (Lauderhill Lions)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Jadeava Thorpe (Lauderhill Lions)


8 and9 Under 8-9

Most Spirited Cheerleader

North: Tania Wilkerson – Pompano Eagles

South: Analyse Roberts – Lauderhill Lions


10andu 10 and Under All-Star Age Group

North Offense MVP #2 Shawn Pashall (Deerfield Packer Rattlers)

North Defense MVP #12 Tydarius Harris (Pompano Chiefs)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Shamyra Bratton

South Offense MVP #2 Dashawn McEachern (Lauderhill Lions)

South Defense MVP #17 Aykenon Rodgers (Fort Lauderdale Falcons)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Creaze Heller


12 and Under 12 and Under All-Star Age Group

North Offense MVP #4 Shranard Alverez (Pompano Beach Chiefs)

North Defense MVP #18 Nathan LeSane (Pompano Chiefs)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Brelee Bennett

South Offense MVP #2 Devaughn Mortimer (Lauderhill Broncos)

South Defense MVP #7 Tyler Knight (Lauderhill Lions)

Most Spirited Cheerleader Taniya Flowers