In a league of their own: Looking back at the first Chris Smith All Star Classic

Updated: February 11, 2013

Chris Smith Allstar ClassicWow, what a beautiful day it was in the neighborhood! Saturday, December 20 marked the First Annual Chris Smith All Star Classic and boy was it a great success. Despite the chill in the air about 2000 parents and cheering fans showed up for the four scheduled games.

“I know that if it wasn’t for the weather, this place would have been crawling with spectators”, said Kerrick Wiggins, who is the father of a Western Tiger cheerleader and die-hard little league football fan.

The Chris Smith All-Star Classic was introduced to the community as a gesture to promote more unity. Every year the parks compete, someone wins and the other suffers the loss. They move on into the finals, if they’re lucky they may meet up again. …